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We are here to share some information and steps in setting up holiday pay and adding it to your employee’s paycheck with the help of our QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number. You can easily track the holiday pay or vacation pay is following few steps that are given below.

Here’ the solution for users:

  1. First, navigate to lists menu, then select payroll item list.
  2. Next, you can select payroll item from drop-down menu and click on new button.
  3. Now, click & select custom setup, and then select next.
  4. Go to wage and then click on next button, and then select Annual Salary, and then next.
  5. Go to regular pay, and then select next.
  6. After that, type holiday pay, and then select next.
  7. The default account for the expense is Payroll Expenses, and then selects Finish.

In order to track the accruals, you are required to add this item on your employee’s setting with the help of following given steps:

  1. Navigate to Employees menu and then select the Employee Center.
  2. Click twice on employee name to edit the payroll information.
  3. Now, select the payroll info folder.
  4. After that, you need to add the holiday pay item below the earnings section.
  5. When it gets done, press OK.

If you are looking to create a paycheck, then you can add this together with your regular salary or you can also create a separate paycheck for holiday pay with the help of below given steps:

  1. First of all, you need to add the Holiday Pay item.
  2. Next, mentioned the hours worked for both regular salary and holiday pay. QuickBooks will automatically adjust the pay for each item.

However, the above detailed information will be helpful to know how to track holiday pay separately from sick or vacation pay in QuickBooks Desktop. Do let me know if anyone has other questions about tracking holiday pay for their employees. We are ready to help. User can also draft a mail at Connect 24*7 @ QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number.

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