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If you are seeking to ensure your data security, you are in the right place. This article will guide you about how password security can protect your critical data. In order to meet the complexity requirements, QuickBooks desktop requires a password for each data file. The password must always meet some of the essential requirements such as the strength of at least 7 characters including 1 uppercase letter and a number. QuickBooks support team recommends changing your password every 90 days. You will automatically be prompted to change your password when the expiration date is near. After successful updating, users are always asked to put a complex password for the files containing sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, employers’ identification numbers etc. you can change the password only if you are the administrator.

Sometimes users are not comfortable putting the passwords since they are afraid of forgetting the password but it is mandatory to put a password for the files with sensitive information or for your credit card protection. You can contact the QuickBooks support team to get the best security measures and to know how you can keep a track of the passwords for each file.

Password protection ensures the authority of the user accessing the data. If you are an administrator, you will always receive a notification if any user does not put a password to the files and you can either request them to put the password or yourself assign a password to other users to secure the file. If in case, you require to reset your own (admin) password you can use the automated password reset tool. It is necessary for all the users working in multi-user mode to use a supported version of QuickBooks desktop and install the security updates.


  • If you are using multiple QuickBooks desktop products identified individually than you are always required to update each version.
  • Always uninstall the expired trial versions of QuickBooks desktop and install the security update if you are using the unexpired trial version.
  • We recommend you to download and install the security updates, Even if you don’t use your internet or software on regular basis.
  • An accountant can always set a password on their client’s file.

Connect to our QuickBooks desktop support team, if you are having any trouble with your QuickBooks file. The experts are available 24*7.

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