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Data storage on the cloud was a basic concept in the past few years.  Technology enthusiasts, to increase their excitement converted the cloud concept into reality.  Since the invention of cloud, it has been put to a number of uses, which range from personal uses to business requirements. In the initial stages, when cloud new in the market it was only an option for the larger firms. Companies who had a huge workforce dealt with high turnovers and a lengthy database were the ones making the best use of the cloud.

Now when we look at the current scenario, cloud technology is now no longer limited to the bigger firms. Cloud is now becoming a part of small and medium-sized businesses at a rapid scale. The main reason for businesses moving to the cloud is QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is accounting software which offers a number of useful tools and services for businesses.  It is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Why do we need to backup QuickBooks?

The need for a data backup arises because disasters and accidents come unannounced. Unwanted accidents and disasters can take place at anytime and anywhere, for example, incidents such as fire breakouts, floods, theft or earthquakes affecting the company’s office may end up destroying the whole office along with the computers and CPUs. Accidents like these can cause a loss of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Therefore, Backups are the best solution for a company to prevent itself from any kind of data loss from such accidents and natural calamities.

How was Backing up of data done before cloud was introduced?

Earlier when companies were using the traditional desktop version of QuickBooks, firms backed up their important data using several physical devices such as CDs, USB drives and local servers. Backing up data on CD’s USB drives and local servers came with its own set of risks and threats as data theft is significantly easier when stored on physical devices.

Shifting to QuickBooks cloud is the modern solution to data loss.

What is QuickBooks Cloud?

The hosted version of traditional QuickBooks software is QuickBooks Cloud. QuickBooks cloud comes with all the tools and features which were present in traditional software. This new version of QuickBooks also comes with several benefits such as:

  • *7 Technical Supports
  • Up-to-Date software24
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Universal Accessibility

How QuickBooks Cloud helps you in keeping your important Data Safe?

The safest choice for QuickBooks backup is QuickBooks Cloud. QuickBooks Cloud comes with features like multiple previous file versioning and unlimited off-site storage.  These features help you to safeguard the authentic data of the company against traditional threats such as destruction and data theft.

QuickBooks cloud believes in two backbones of data security, i.e.




Recovering data help you in regaining access to data that is lost or stolen. Whereas, backing up data means to keep a copy of data freehandedly so that if your data is lost or stolen you can gain it back. QuickBooks Cloud practices a rigorous backup and recovery plan to keep your data safe and secured. It aims at ensuring a successful but less stressful business run for a client.


QuickBooks Cloud offers its clients a safe and secure platform for all their taxation and accounting needs.  It provides a number of backups and recovery options leaving the users assured about the safety of their most important and precious company data.


The traditional QuickBooks software merged with the advanced level of cloud hosting services has made data recover easier and less of a struggle. This feature offered by QuickBooks Cloud has increased the power of QuickBooks on multiple levels and more and more people are moving to the cloud.


QuickBooks cloud is affordable to a large section of entrepreneurs as it does not have any significant requirements of physical infrastructure and heavy machinery for data backup and recovery.


The traditional backup options used earlier were not as scalable as compared to the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting. Users can expand or contract their storage needs, depending upon the company’s requirements.


For a tailored growth of a particular business, it should be ensured that it is protected from every possible threat. An entrepreneur must think about moving to the hosted version of QuickBooks Desktop software because of its amazing data backup and recovery options. Every business should have a backup and recovery strategy in order to prevent any attacks on data. And if any attack happens, a company must know how to quickly take suitable action for the same. To know more about data backup and recovery feature of QuickBooks Cloud call QuickBooks Technical Support.

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