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This article will prove really helpful if you are getting banking errors while working on QuickBooks. QuickBooks support team will guide you how you can manually update an account to fix banking errors.

Listed below are some common banking errors with the solutions to resolve. Follow the steps in the appropriate order to get your problem fixed.

Banking Error 102 or 105

Banking error 102 or 105 is encountered QuickBooks online cannot connect to the bank’s website at that particular moment. These errors usually take 24 hours to get fixed.

Steps to resolve:

  1. Select banking from the left menu bar that appears.
  2. Once you visit the banking page, click on update.
  3. Once updated, the error will get resolved or if you are unable to connect try to update and connect again in next 2 to 3 hours.

If nothing helps, reach our Quickbooks Technical Support team for more help.

Banking Error 103

This error usually occurs if the banking credentials on your QuickBooks online do not match with the information on your financial institution (FI) file.

The error may occur for either existing connections or new connections.

Steps to resolve:

Fixing error 103 for existing connections

QuickBooks Support

For an existing connection, if you have recently updated any of your banking credentials (username and password) on your financial institution website, you need to perform the given steps in your QuickBooks online.

Note: make sure you enter your credentials (username and password ) manually instead of letting the browser to auto-fill your banking login credentials.

  1. Select banking from the left menu bar that appears.
  2. Look for the account card that caused error 103.
  3. Click on the pencil icon.
  4. Choose to edit sign-in info to make changes to the credentials.
  5. Fill your new credentials carefully and click on update.

Once updated, it will resolve the error for an existing connection.

 Fixing error 103 for new connections

If you are a new connection, make sure that all the information that you fill is correct. Choose the right bank and enter your banking credentials carefully.

Follow the steps for guidance.

  1. Select banking from left menu bar that appears.
  2. Once on the banking page, click on add account.
  3. Enter the bank’s URL in the search field to look for your bank.
  4. Choose your bank. You may get multiple bank option while doing this. You can perform the above steps again to choose the correct bank.
  5. Enter your login credential for the financial institution website and click on continue.
  6. If you get the same error again, go back to the banking page and repeat all the steps again, by selecting a different bank from the Bank name list.

Banking error 106

This error occurs when your account could not be located by QuickBooks on your bank or on the financial institution’s website. It usually happens if the user has closed the account for the bank.

If the bank or the financial institution account has been closed, you would require removing, disconnecting, and deleting the account from the downloaded transaction page. In order to do so click on the need to disconnect? Here’s how and follow the steps given.

This will remove your account and you can add a new account if you have created.

If your bank or the financial institution account is not closed, and you still get the error, reach our QuickBooks Support team on the number.

Banking error 108

This error occurs when a message on your bank or financial institution account requires action from your side.

Usually, the message is for

  • New terms of service agreement
  • Any latest offer
  • Information about maintenance or other site changes.

In order to get rid of the error, you would require signing in to your bank account or financial institution’s website and performing an action on all the notification messages that appear.

Note: if you do not see the messages, check for a pop-up blocker in your browser settings.

Once you act on all the notifications, return to QuickBooks and

  1. Select banking from the left menu that appears.
  2. Select update from the banking page.

Banking error 185

This error occurs if more information is required after entering your credentials by the bank or financial institution.

The information required is generally for security reasons. The FI security requirement could be a security question or an OTP to reconfirm your identity.

If it asks for;

Security Questions: you have saved answers for the security questions. Answer the security questions correctly if your bank or FI asks for them. It could be asked multiple times whenever you perform the update.

OTP: it is a onetime password sent to you on your device (through text or call). If you get the error code 185, get your OTP and enter it in order to authenticate your account.

Banking Error 324

This error usually occurs when your account could not be located by QuickBooks on the financial institution website.

Possible reasons:

  • Your account has been reclassified or moved to a new server by FI
  • Your nickname on the account has been changed
  • a new account number or credit card has been issued by FI
  • Your bank or credit card account has been closed and is not updated on QuickBooks

Fixing error 324

You are provided with two solutions to fix the error. Follow either of the following to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: reconnecting or manually updating the account

On the error message that appears click on the reconnect my account link. The page that opens up will guide you with all the steps to update your bank account with the financial institution.

If you don’t find the link or having trouble updating it on FI’s website, you may also update your account manually on QuickBooks online. You can reach our QuickBooks support team for more guidance.

Solution 2: adding or connecting to a new account

If the changes have been made from your bank’s end, you can add a new account by testing your credentials to identify what new options are available for your FI.

Once the credentials work or have been verified you can set up your new account and disconnect to the existing account.

Note: before disconnecting your existing account, check the review tab on the bank and credit cards page, to ensure that there are no outstanding transactions, and you do not; lose any transaction.

Still getting the error? Contact Quickbooks Support Number USA.

If you are getting the banking error other than the listed above, contact our QuickBooks support team by simply dialing.

Fix by Manual Update

You can also try manually updating your account to fix your banking errors. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select banking from the left menu bar that appears.
  2. Select update on the banking page.
  3. If required enter the credentials for multi-factor authentication, and choose to continue the update.

The credentials asked for must be entered within 2 minutes, or you might lose the session and repeat it again.

A message will appear once the update is completed.

For Instant Technical Support – and more information visit


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