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Accountant’s copy is most important concern for every organization. But what will you do if your accountant is not available and your client is waiting for some updation. To overcome such issues QuickBooks Customer Care support will explain you how to use accountant’s copy. This feature allows accountants and clients to work on a company file at same time, this copy is transferred between accountant and clients without bulky email exchange. There are some points need to keep in mind regarding what to do and what not to do.

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Systematic Plan of Accountant’s Copy

In the Accountant’s Copy feature files are transferred between accountants and clients through Intuit servers.

  1. Create Accountant’s Copy >> Send to accountant for reviewing and editing.
  2. The client can work on current items in the company working file with (.QBW) extension.
  1. Save >> Accountant’s Copy as an export file with (.QBX) extension.
  2. This will activate the system to send an email with a Download link for the export file to the accountant.
  3. The accountant will access and open file
  4. Create a working file (.QBA), and make changes and corrections >> Save all changes
  5. Create a saved import file with (.QBY) extension.
  6. Now, client can open specified import file to relate the accountant’s changes to the company file.

Dividing date: Explained

The Accountant’s Copy uses this feature Dividing Date to provide detail of financial period the accountant can work on. This restricts the transactions accountant can modify.

Accountants can only modify those transactions that will fall on or before the dividing date. To prevent clash of overwriting changes, clients can only modify transactions in their working file that will fall after the dividing date until and unless the Accountant’s Copy Restriction is removed.


What you can/can’t do while changes are pending

When your accountant is making changes in the Accountant’s Copy you sent, you can also work to make changes to transactions in the current period, after the dividing date.

Following changes in .QBW file with pending accountant’s; changes can be made:

  • By adding new entries to any of your lists
  • By creating, editing, and deleting transactions
  • By editing the list information
  • By turning on Payroll

When accountant’s changes are pending, you can’t make the following changes:

  • You cannot edit or delete existing accounts
  • You cannot send Assisted Payroll Data or Direct Deposits
Reconciliation and pending changes

It is very much possible to settle your accounts with a pending Accountant’s Copy. Your reconciliation may be rolled back if you clear transactions dated on or before the dividing date or if your accountant reconciles the Accountant’s Copy and undo your reconciliation. Verify this with accountant whether they plan to reconcile the Accountant’s Copy before you reconcile your accounts in your working file.

For Accountant
What you can or cannot do in Accountant’s Copy
Changes we can make to accountant’s file:
· We can add an item to class lists, customer list, employee list, and supplier list
· We can add items on Supplier list and Item list
Changes we cannot make to accountant’s file
·  Add, edit or build assemblies
· Change type of an item
·  Delete or merge existing
·  Enter vehicle mileage


Changes you can do

  • You can add, edit, and delete types of transactions dated on or before the dividing date
  • You can add new transactions dated after the dividing date
  • You can edit account and tax information for existing items

You cannot make the following changes:

  • You cannot add, delete, or edit
  • You cannot add, edit, or delete sales tax payments
  • You cannot add or use card processing
  • Create non-posting transactions such as estimates and sales orders
  • Edit payments by card


Changes you can do

  • Print Forms
  • Create and adjust forms
  • Creation of new reports
  • Adding new customers, suppliers, employees and items

You cannot make the following changes:

  • You cannot import files from Excel
  • You cannot use planning and budgeting tools
  • You cannot use online banking

You can also Reset Accountant’s Copy password

  • Enter “.” in File Name >> To view files in directory
  • Select Accountant’s Copy File with (.qbw) extension.
  • Enter your new password >> Confirm New Password
  • Select Reset Password

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