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Intuit is committed to providing QuickBooks Support for its users who are using the services of its most recent and successful software – QuickBooks which is evident from the continuous updates that it rolls out for its users periodically. And due to this fact, every year a newer version of the QuickBooks comes out making the older versions redundant. For solving this issue or any user query related to redundancy, users can call on the QuickBooks technical support number.

And because of all of this that happens every year a lot of the QuickBooks users become apprehensive about if they would be able to carry forward their data from the existing version to the newer one. Well, at the onset let us all acknowledge that it is very much possible and all the user’s data can be safely carry forward in the newer version of the QuickBooks by following the below-mentioned steps. However, if you face any query regarding the execution of these steps, you can always call on the QuickBooks Support number and get your issue resolved.

Step 1: Install the new version of the QuickBooks (2018) on your system and extract all the necessary files at the required location. This will help the software and the hardware on your system to synchronize the file transfer process properly without any lags.

Step 2: Click on the file menu on the left-hand side top corner and then click on the Open company option and click on yes. This will help the new version of QuickBooks (2018) to extract your files from the older version of QuickBooks (2017) to identify your data which is present in the hard disk on your system. If you encounter any problem while file extraction, QuickBooks Technical Support team will provide you hand holding support regarding this step and help you streamline the whole process.

Step 3: Click on all the prompts given by the software to Update the new data that is now stored in the QuickBooks 2018. The update feature works two folds for QuickBooks Support users first, as it suggests it replaces the older logs of information’s with the new set of information and second, it constantly creates provisions to make backup options so that the user’s data is stored safe and secure on the system for future use.

Step 4: Once the above steps are properly followed and executed you will be then asked to create a backup for the existing data which you have just transferred to the new version of the QuickBooks Support 2018.

The backup is required so that you do not face problem considering abruptly switching to a new version of QuickBooks Support in the future.

These steps will certainly help you to transfer your files from QuickBooks 2017 to QuickBooks 2018. However, if are to face any sort of doubt or encounter any particular user query in the systematic execution of the following steps, then feel free to reach out to the QuickBooks support number. Your queries will be resolved promptly and effectively.

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